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Basic information

Basic information

Komerční banka, a. s. (KB) was founded on January 1, 1990 as a state-owned bank. It has 98 branches and 208 representative offices. KB employs 166000 employers.

Almost a half of KB´s shares are owned by the National Property Fund. As on 31 December 1997, over 22 percent of the shares were held by foreign shareholders, almost 13 percent of this being through Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) traded in the London Stock Exchange. The total number of KB´s shareholders as at the same date was 80,479 of which 519 were legal entities (92,493 % equity share) and 79,960 were individuals (7,507 % equity share).

KB is one of the largest commercial banks in Central and Eastern Europe and, together with a dozen subsidiaries, forms The Komerční banka Financial Group which provides a range of financial and other services second to none either in variety or quality.

KB operates a network of over 300 points of sale. With registered capital of CZK 9.5 billion KB is currently the strongest Czech bank in terms of equity. It has the largest total assets of any Czech bank and is also the market leader in both loans and deposits in the Czech Republic. In loans it has one third of the market.

Komerční banka maintains correspondent relations with about 1,350 banks worldwide. It has opened representative offices all over the world. With these offices KB has established a bridgehead for its business activities in the respective territories.

Preparation for "Milenium Bug" Problem

This problem means a critical change for many technology systems and applications. It includes not only computer systems but also control systems, security systems etc. So the project called " Y2K - Year 2000" was divided into 3 sub-projects:

  • information technology

  • other technology (i.e. control systems, security systems, faxes, lifts etc.)

  • daughter and other companies

Y2K is not only a KB's problem so KB cooperate with other institutions and companies which are in electronic contact with the bank (i. e. Česká národní banka, Burza cenných papírů Praha etc.). Main clients' compatibility was also handled. Information system's problem is being solved by sub-project which works on the base of "Strategie IT" project. The aim is to prepare KB for milenium according to world known methodology of Gartner Group.

The whole project is divided into following parts with realisation deadlines:

  • problem's definition and its introduction to the management Jun - Sep/97

  • inventory Sep - Nov/97

  • identification of extension (commercial risk, necessary resorces) Nov/97 - Feb/98

  • planning Mar/98 - Jun/98

  • modification/tests (unit tests, system tests and integration tests) Jul/98 - Jun/99

The intention is to have all commercial-critical systems compatible till the end of 1998. The priority system was made on this purpose. Other systems should be ready till the end of June 1999.

Government policy

National Property Fund of ČR has 48.736 per cent of shares. KB is mainly effected by ČNB's policy.

KB currently faces the prospect of the sale of almost 50 percent of the state´s share to private owners. KB expects its strategic partner or partners to provide know-how for its strategic plans and to serve as a link to global banking and to enhance standards generally. Should the privatization procedure be delayed KB would continue under its own steam to implement improvements both to the quality and scope of its services.

EU membership

KB expects an increase of living standard, law changes and bigger competition from EU membership.

KB welcomes and supports the establishment of the Common Market, seeing therein an opportunity to develop. KB is prepared to provide faultless and continuous services to clients throughout the introductory period of the new European currency.


Technology helps bankers, it allows more effective exploitation of employers. It's not the main reason for firing people. Cash despensers are prefered to cash-desks (different charges). It causes smaller queues in front of cash-desks and clients withdraw big amount of money at cash-desks.

"In House" on going Staff Training Programs

Training Programs (Entrance, Language, Computer Skills, Management Trainings) are organized by Human Resources Division which is a part of headquarters. It sends an offer of trainings to branches and they to representative offices. They send back the names of people who are interested in to a branch and it sends the information back to the headquarters. Then the people who will take part in a particular training are contacted by Human Resources Division. KB pays for these trainings. They usually take place at working hours.

Trainings are held at branches, headquarters, some of them abroad. The main training centres are in Libohoš and Zbraslav.

Every manager is responsible for his/her employers' trainings. And he/she has to agree with every training.

There is a catalog of training programs called KATLAS and it is available on every PC.